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In 2012, the Free Geek wiki was subjected to severe spammer attacks that left the wiki nearly unusable. As of November 2013, we have completely eliminated all the spam in the Wiki from that period. Over 13,000 pages and 11,000 fake user accounts have been deleted. In effect, this is a brand new wiki. Unfortunately, this cleanup has not been completely without side effects:

  • we have had to delete the edit history from all existing pages. This really is unfortunate since it erases the many contributions of people who worked on the wiki before the spam attacks. We really are very sorry about that, and don't intend any disrespect; it's just the best we could do under the circumstances.
  • we may have deleted some legitimate pages by accident
  • we may have lost some legitimate attachments (images & documents)
  • most importantly, some legitimate user accounts have been lost. If you find your acount is gone, please write to us to get it reinstated and we'll ttend to that right away.

If you notice anything missing, please let us know and we'll try to retrieve it. We have a full backup of the old, spam-infested website, and hope to make it accessible in a safe, read-only location soon, to assist with recovering lost data.