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This will be an ongoing list of supplies and equipment required. Feel free to add any of your requests (with an short explanation in brackets)

1) Supplies Needed:

1.1) 8.5 X 11 Recycled paper (for printing/photocopying)

1.2) Paper Towels and Toilet Paper for washroom

1.3) Bar Soap and/or Soft Soap

1.4) Dish Detergent

1.5) Heat Sink Grease - Store in Cabinet #1

2) Equipment Needed:

2.1) Eyewash Safety Station (Check St. John's Ambulance?)

2.2) 4 sets of pallets - durable heavy duty foldable plastic reusable

2.3) 1 Industrial scale/powered pallet truck, for weighing shipments, moving pallet loads

2.4) 1 Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

2.5) 2 Air purifiers - heavy duty

2.6) TEST BENCH for testing motherboards, HDD, RAM, etc (Puchased - done)

3) Equipment Already Purchased/Ordered

3.1) Back Harness, size Large, for safety - keep in Cabinet #2

3.2) Back Harness, size small, for safety - keep in cabinet #2