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00:53, 12 April (file)
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36 KB 1
00:51, 12 April 2013Interfaces.gif (file)
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08:11, 6 April 2013Fgtdrupal.png (file)
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95 KBExample of loading drupal database in MySQL Workbench for analysis.1
16:05, 30 March 2012Bitcoin 5526.jpg (file)
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16:31, 24 September 2011Evaluation.odt (file)18 KBSachac 1
14:12, 11 September 2011Build-process.pdf (file)297 KBSachacAdded master/slave, keyboard notes4
14:12, 11 September 2011Build-process.odt (file)15 KBSachacAdded master/slave, keyboard notes3
20:13, 1 September 2011Build-checklist.odt (file)31 KBAllen.SmithSome small corrections made. Formatted to work with LibreOffice at Free Geek. Has a blank second page! 6
15:47, 1 September 2011Build-checklist.pdf (file)130 KBAllen.Smith 2
03:23, 18 August 2011Power-Supply-Specs-V1r0.odt (file)20 KBPnijjarSource for power supply testing sheet1
03:23, 18 August 2011Power-Supply-Specs-V1r0-9up.pdf (file)38 KBPnijjarSheet for testing power supplies, using a "Coolmax PS-228" power tester. 1
03:21, 18 August 2011System-Checklist-V4r3.odt (file)20 KBPnijjarHalf-sheet checklist -- source1
03:20, 18 August 2011System-Checklist-V4r3.pdf (file)40 KBPnijjarHalf-sheet checklist that goes on every refurbished machine1
03:20, 18 August 2011Linux-Building-Worksheet-V4r2.odt (file)36 KBPnijjarForm for building Linux workstations -- source1
03:19, 18 August 2011Linux-Building-Worksheet-V4r2-2up.pdf (file)76 KBPnijjarSteps used to prepare a CR Linux workstation1
13:49, 15 May 2011Directors Roles and Responsibilities.pdf (file)71 KBUshnishBoard of Directors Roles and Responsibilities -Presentation by Larry Sadler to CyberEquality/FreeGeek Toronto Council meeting May 9th 2011.1
19:38, 12 May 2011OPEN OFFICE COURSE.pdf (file)916 KBDaveb 1
19:35, 12 May 2011OPEN OFFICE COURSE.doc (file)1,010 KBDaveb 1
17:37, 21 April 2011Example.png (file)20 KBSammy.laoTemp1