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***Future Directions - Open Discussion***Accounting and Admin proceduresAdopt Program
BIOSBetter Things to do with a computer than throw it out
Board Meeting Apr 10, 2016Board Meeting Apr 12, 2016
Board Meeting Apr 15, 2015Board Meeting Apr 6, 2017Board Meeting Aug 10, 2015
Board Meeting August 16, 2016Board Meeting Dec 3, 2014Board Meeting Dec 6, 2016
Board Meeting Dec 9, 2015Board Meeting Feb 9, 2015Board Meeting Feb 9, 2016
Board Meeting Feb 9, 2017Board Meeting Jan 10, 2016Board Meeting Jan 10, 2017
Board Meeting Jan 11, 2015Board Meeting Jan 11, 2016Board Meeting Jan 6, 2015
Board Meeting Jul 14, 2015Board Meeting July 11, 2016Board Meeting Jun 13, 2017
Board Meeting Jun 20, 2016Board Meeting Jun 9, 2015Board Meeting Mar 11, 2015
Board Meeting Mar 7, 2017Board Meeting Mar 9, 2016Board Meeting May 10, 2016
Board Meeting May 11, 2015Board Meeting May 9, 2017Board Meeting Minutes-30 March 2011
Board Meeting Nov 15, 2015Board Meeting Nov 5, 2014Board Meeting Nov 9, 2016
Board Meeting Oct 13, 2015Board Meeting Oct 5, 2016Board Meeting Sept 15, 2015
Board Roles and Responsibilities-PresentationBoard meeting Apr 21, 2014Board meeting Aug 26, 2014
Board meeting Dec 11, 2013Board meeting Feb 10, 2014Board meeting Jan 06, 2014
Board meeting July 21, 2014Board meeting June 23, 2014Board meeting Mar 19, 2014
Board meeting May 27, 2014Board meeting Nov 18, 2013Board meeting Oct 07, 2014
Board meeting Oct 7, 2013
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Closing ProceduresCode of ConductCommunications Strategy
Computer Recycling in Kitchener FormsComputer Recycling in Kitchener PXE SetupComputer electricity
Course SurveyCoursesCreate a Private Network
CyberEquality Inc. Information
Developing Websites using Wordpress May 5th, 2011
Electronic Tools
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Free Geek Proposed Values Vision Mission StatementFree Geek Toronto By-LawsFree Geek Toronto Mailing General and Announce Mailing Lists
Free Geek Toronto TO DO List - Onetime TasksFree Geek Toronto TO DO List - Ongoing TasksFree software
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Health and Safety Program
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Main pageMeeting MinutesMinute of Meetings - Board of Directors - January 11, 2010
Minute of Meetings - Council - April 11, 2011Minutes - Board meeting July 7, 2013Move Plans
Networking OpportunitiesNew Volunteer Orientation TipsOnetime Tasks
Ongoing TasksOpen Office Applications May 4th and May 11th, 2011
Opening ProceduresOperations ManualPRESS RELEASE - Jan 25, 2014
Privacy PolicyProcedure for testing CRT monitors
Procedure for testing RAM in-place (before dismantling a computer)Procedure for testing loose RAM (after removing it from a computer)Procedures for triaging CRT monitors
Production: 14.04LTS Linux -- End-User Drive Configuration using LVMProposal to adopt Formal Consensus
Proposed Values, Vision and Mission StatementRecent Changes at FGTRecycling Tips (also known as stripping computers)
ScratchpadSpecial CPU TypesSubcomponents
SuppliesTesting CRT MonitorsTesting RAM In-Place
Testing RAM in placeTesting loose RAM (removed from computer)Testing optical drives
Triaging CRT MonitorsTutorial: A Simple bash ScriptTutorial: Part 1: Turn a GeekBox into a Web Development Box
Tutorial: Part 2: Setting up a Test WebsiteUndervoltingViolence and Harassment Policy
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