Proposed Values, Vision and Mission Statement

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8 DEC 2013

Free Geek Toronto (51 Vine St Toronto Ontario M6P 1V6) 180 Sudbury Street, Toronto, ON M6J 0A8

Values, Vision and Mission Statement


CyberEquality Inc, operating under the franchised trade name of Free Geek Toronto, holds the following values for the corporation:

  • Social justice
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Freedom of information


CyberEquality exists to fulfill its triple values through a not-for-profit, democratically controlled, consensus guided organization that strives to:

  • provide access to computers and the Internet for all socio-economic levels within its catchment area of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • provide an avenue for all members of its catchment area to develop employment enhancement computer skills
  • reduce the damage of electronic waste by supporting the strength of ethical standards for recycling, by actively minding the energy used by electronics(both during use and production) and through recognition of the value of durable electronics


CyberEquality enables its vision by:

franchising the trade name of Free Geek Toronto sharing the moral values and philosophy of the parent organization from Portland, Oregon USA and our sister organization, Free Geek Vancouver establishing premises in the catchment area that facilitates implementing the main programs of:

  • dropoff and occasional pickup service of e-waste in the GTA
  • rehabilitation and reuse of viable computer systems, and supporting the recognition of their viability
  • supporting the shipment of e-waste to environmentally certified recycle services
  • donation of refurbished computers to the catchment community
  • sales of used computer equipment, and possibly green electronics as well
  • computer training services to members of the catchment area both in house and out house
  • backing of open source software and philosophy, and support of ecological advancements in computers
  • coordination with complementary organizations in the GTA
  • providing volunteers a vehicle for personal self development in contributing to and operating a social enterprise, and/or in contributing to ecological mindedness relating to technology

Approved by the Board of Directors