Proposal to adopt Formal Consensus

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For the April Council meeting:

 I propose
 That Free Geek Toronto adopt Formal Consensus as its default
   decisionmaking rule book throughout the organization and in
   particular for the Council; and
 That the Council, when defining the mandates of workgroups, may on
   occasion approve other decisionmaking methods for particular
   workgroups, as it deems appropriate; and
 That Formal Consensus shall be used as defined in On Conflict &
   Consensus, third edition - thirteenth printing, by C.T. Lawrence
   Butler and Amy Rothstein; and
 That the Council may amend this decision by reviewing and adopting
   future editions of On Conflict & Consensus.  A proposal to adopt a
   future edition of On Conflict & Consensus must be introduced at the
   Council at least 1 month prior to the meeting at which the proposal
   will be finally decided.