Opening Procedures

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Opening Procedures

1) Change door sign from Closed to Open

2) Ensure all light switches are turned on (Admin, Thrift Store, Training Room)

3) Ensure heating is on (Thermostat near build desks/Michael) Set Temperature = 68

4) Turn on all Admin and Thrift Store computers

5) Record Gas Meter reading (near freezer/washroom) on a piece of paper.

6) Get Cashboxes (Petty Cash and Sales) and perform reconciliations using the spreadsheets on the admin PC. Also enter the Gas Meter reading from above.

7) LOCK UP all cashboxes securely in the assigned cabinet. DO NOT leave cashboxes unattended at any time when they are out of the cabinet!

8) OPEN all gates as necessary (the big one and the little one by the alley)

9) Check the black mailbox by the entry door for mail and bring it in.

10) Unlock the Receiving Door (but do not open it - it should remain closed unless actually in use)

11) Listen to all messages from the answering machine and record in the red binder. Action as necessary.

12) Welcome volunteers and assign them tasks as appropriate.

13) Welcome visitors or customers and action as appropriate.

14) Ensure the Admin area remains free of clutter. All donations should be put on the grey mobile carts for actioning.

15) At least once per day, preferably after 3pm, have someone check the Post Office Box for mail.