Ongoing Tasks

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1.0 Operations:

1.1 Intake donations

1.2 Evaluate incoming equipment

  • See procedures including whiteboard on desktop computers

1.3 Test Equipment

  • Keyboards
  • Test Monitors
  • Test Printers
  • Test Network Cards
  • Test RAM

1.4 Strip computers for recycling

  • Procedure has been posted on wiki and wall

1.5 Build Geek Boxes

  • Ensure geek boxes have sound cards (decision for Technical Workgroup)

2.0 Housekeeping

  • Sweep and Mop Floor
  • Clear off workbenches
  • Clean Washroom - sink, toilet, mirror, other
  • Put Garbage and Recycling in designated containers

3.0 Administrative

  • Input volunteer forms
  • Input volunteer hours
  • Print extra copies of documents as required
  • Enter the call log into SugarCRM
  • Enter sales leads into SugarCRM

4.0 Sales

  • Create a receipt for every sale
  • Put photocopy of receipt in cash box envelope (original to customer)
  • Procedures for cashbox are posted on cabinet