Onetime Tasks

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1.1) Set aside 2 computers that are to be stripped and label them (DONE)

1.2) Look for Corporate Seal (DONE) ? Location ?

1.3) Look for MicroVacuum (Is the small red ShopVac sufficient?)


2.1) Complete [Changemakers] Grant

2.2) Complete [ENP] Grant

2.3) Pepsi Challenge Grant

2.4) Trillium Grant Grant application deadlines for the Community and Province-Wide grant programs are March 1, July 1 and November 1

2.5) Followup TCF grant

2.6) Apply for an IRS 501 (3) (c) number


3.1) Revise Production Record to include OEM#

3.2) Revise Sales Receipt to include OEM#

3.3) Create Release form for parent bringing children to FGT

3.4) Write travel policy including TTC tokens and mileage for personal vehicle use. (DONE)

3.5) Revised Closing Procedure (DONE)


4.1) Write job descriptions for the following titled positions a at FGT:

4.1.1) Volunteer Coordinator (Draft Created)

4.1.2) Training Coordinator

4.1.3) Recycling Coordinator

4.2) Define any new positions (decision for Human Resources Workgroup)


5.1) Hire operations position for May and advertise for June (DONE)

5.2) Develop core volunteer program ? outstanding

5.3) Develop volunteer reward and recognition systems ? non existent


6.1) Register Table at CED Network June 8th  ?

6.2) Register for CCEDNET conference June 7/8  ?

6.3) Target technical volunteers to fill gaps (e.g. build class teachers) ongoing


Recruit build class teacher -sent email to 5 potential trainers, no response

Call Franco – Arrange Sea Container location (DONE)

Cheque for Franco – Additional Utility Bill (DONE)

Advertise Repair Clinic on Wednesday 5-7pm

Invite Scenario Planners to Strategy meeting (DONE)

Call Strategy Workgroup Meeting (DONE)

Book mySQL course with Dave Bingham (DONE)

Publish list of van drivers on wiki - ZIPVAN membership

Contact Jo G. re supporters for technology access  ?

Add the following to Build Program list: michaelthompson ?

Add the following to Software class list: michaelthompson ?

Contact Alex S. Govcamp regovcamp ?

[ONN] contact conference organizers [ONN] cluster participants

[VolunteersCount] connect David with Eugene

[CiviCRM] Recruit developers

[Linuxfest]- contact sponsors and potential speakers

[Linuxfest]- contact TLUG volunteers

[Linuxfest]- contact David P.

[LearningCamp] Contact Evan L.

Complete Homeless and Women’s shelter Problem Definition for CrisisCamp

Financial model for FGT curbside pickup with Dan K.

Contact Joe FGT paragraph in MarS newsletter

Contact Second Career re funding

Contact Google re Chrome laptops

Contact TEA re solid waste

Contact Canonical re Linux

Followup Allan D. (DONE)

Contact Ben S.

Contact Kathyrn R.

Contact Wendy C.

Contact Jane C. (DONE)

Complete Minutes May Council Meeting

Followup Mandy P. (DONE initial followup, need to describe what OES can do)

Followup Sammy re Contracts with recyclers (DONE)

[IBM] Confirm proposal with Marion N. then contact David P.

Register for govt surplus (DONE put in 2 bids for laptops - result unsuccesful)