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Previous Move plans moved over to discussion page.

restructuring on this page. Move over pieces bit by bit.

The plans on this page were developed through several team meetings and recorded on a sticky board.


Move Preparation

Mini-move days (using Dan King's van) to happen Jan14-17. Need lots of help packing up at 51 Vine from noon-5pm TueWedThurFri this week Jan 14-15-16-17 and to get recycle ready for SHIFT pickup asap Dana will be at 51 Vine coordinating

180 Sudbury Wed Jan 15 Allen Smith there to coordinate telephone hookups with bell Also Robert Helewka will be there to do data server setups Need help moving in unpacking all week Jan 14-15-16-17 at 180 from 1pm to 5pm Also need help renovating (carpentry, electrical) and painting Ken will be at 180 coordinating

We need help to create business cards, announcement flyers, deliver flyers to local area, etc

      • GRAND OPENING IS SATURDAY FEB 1st at 1:00 PM *** City Councillors may be attending, we need to publicize this on social media

Starting MONDAY Jan 20 we will be open at 180 Sudbury from 1pm to 4pm Mon-Fri and noon-5pm on Sat and Sunday

  • Bus Tour from SET Conference happening Thursday Jan 29 morning * expect 30 visitors

SATURDAY JAN 11 MOVE DAY 10 am to 6pm and ALSO SUNDAY Jan 12 from 10am to 6pm

- RoBW to provide large flatbed truck (move big items, draywall, etc); DanK a maybe?, possibly one other helper with a pickup truck.

As usual we need a team of 3-5 people minimum to load/unload both locations.

NOTE: *** There will be an orientation session happening noon Saturday so do not disrupt training room at that time.

SUNDAY JANUARY 5 MOVE IS BOOKED: 9:30am to 6:00pm Rob W. to provide large flatbed truck (to move large furniture items) Dan K. to provide Van (to move smaller items, boxes, contents) NEED: a team of 3-5 people at 51 Vine as well as at 180 Sudbury

  1. Sign Lease @ 180 COMPLETED Dec 17, 2013. New address is: 180 Sudbury Street, Box C3, Toronto, ON M6J 0A8 Located just east of Dufferin Street and Queen Street West.
  2. Wiki Move Document
  3. Define processes @ 180 Sudbury Lead: Dana, Ken
  4. Business Workflow @ 180 Lead: Ken, Dana, Board
  5. Detailed Floor Plan Lead: Ken (doing a detailed grid layout)
  6. Cabling $0 (To Be Determined - need to verify current connections)
    • WiFi instead of Cabling? (Allen Smith suggestion)
  7. Electrical $ ? (Revised: *** We WILL need additional electrical outlets in Kitchen and Classroom)
  8. Interior Design Lead: Ken, Dana, Board
  9. Shelving Design Lead: Ken, Dana
    • Orange Shelving can go early + HP's (Labelled O1 and O2, Dana Preparing HP's to go)
  10. Lab Setup (Leaning towards Multipurpose=board table vs workstations=10; yet to decide)
  11. Define "Base Inventory" eg. HP's Lead: Dana, Allen Smith
  12. Shelf Tags defined, assigned. Lead: Dana, Ken
  13. Blackout Curtains for 180 northwest side classroom: Not urgent but should be on the "to do" list

We will need to obtain window curtains for 180, priority being the Training Classroom Area which faces nortwest and gets a lot of sun. We'll need to be able to use lcd projectors to do a proper job so we need blackout curtains. On the inner (towards the east center of the room) we need to create a boundary for the training area, particularly if we are going to rent out space.

We propose creating a half height (30") partial wall, that would allow cabling, electrical connections, We have most of the supplies for that at 51 Vine. We would of course have to ensure St Clare's is onside with this.

Then, we could *either* use a soundproofing curtain - our preference so we can keep the room as open as possible most of the time for line of sight supervision from anyone in the main space ...


Not recommended: Stack up shelving like a false wall along the inner edge. Might look a little trashy and would severely limit supervision.

We also recommend cutting back the walls around the kitchen (currently partial walls at 80" height = 6.6 ft) to between 30-40". In any event, the sliding door cupboard with a sink and the door with a few shelves is not needed and would increase Thift Store floor space.

CURTAINS: Suggest we ought to look at three scenarios...

1. Buy the fabric cheap ourselves and get the Somali Women's group (sister TEF partner) to do the sewing of pleats)

2. Have them custom made by a drapery company.There is a small chance that we might find what we need cheap on Kijiji but it would likely look cheap.

3. Ask Nadia/St Clare's if they have a reference or stock, since it is their building?

Is there anyone who might want to take this on?

Perhaps Lada? since it requires an artistic interior design type of talent? Lead Person yet to be asigned ***


Bartley friends

  • Transportation
  • shelving Note: Opportunity to sell significant amount of blue shelving on Kijiji for $$$.
    • give shelving
    • receive shelving Note: Prefer hi end aestheic pleasing wood/metal shelving, retail display cases.

Move Logistics

  1. Move Master Person Note: Ken and Dana and Noah have full set of primary access keys for 180
    • Ken, Dana, Design Team + Rob
    1. Vine Coordinator - Dana Lumsden
    2. Sudbury Coordinator - Ken Wood
  2. Materials
    1. Liquor Store Boxes
    2. Ask for Move Stuff (from who?)
    3. Ken has ordered additional good quality, sturdy packing boxes on sale from, needed for ongoing storage.
  3. Furnishings
    • Recycling Bins $525 min cost for mobile cart - $2400 is ideal for all necessary supports
    • Vestibule Drop off box est. $400-$600 - not junky - must be custom built
  4. Shelving Costs ? unknown ?
  5. Zip Van Rental - 3 hours - $60/day (Note: ZIPVAN is $150/day or $20 per hour; only have Eric Armstrong as a driver - *** we need more registered drivers! ***)
  6. Moving Labour
    • Youth organizations
  7. 5 move days
    • Pizza
  8. Staffing Plan
  9. Number of truckloads (Ken estimated in Nov 1200 cubic feet of stuff = 100 pallet loads)
    • gas $200
    • Peter/Rob's Vehicle
    • Dan's Van 3-6 runs
    • Transportation trailers
  10. Blackout @ Vine
  11. Web * Freenet needs to be notified that the Internet service is moving* The username is: and Allen Smith has the passwords.

  1. Plan Web DATA cutover for ? January 15th ? (same as for telephones)
  2. Phones *Robert Helewka is the lead and is handling Allstream cutover for phones. Also - we have many, many multiline phone at 180 Sudbury. Should be simple to just reconnect. Internet from Allstream is $59.95 + $50 for install. Serene at Allstream is the person handling our conversion. Allstream contact number is ? The Fax # that the DSL is on is 416-572-3738
  3. Lights on @180

Move Categories

Design batches based on type to be assigned to a vehicle trip

  • Valuable retail stock (identify hi value by blue tape)
  • valuable use electronics (identify via blue tape)
  • online sales stock (must go to P1 storage and hold reserved)
  • junk = get rid of from 51 Vine, do NOT transport!
  • archive files (paper files, will be in bankers boxes)
  • furniture (identify via yellow postit notes affixed to items, showing dimensions)
  • shelving (likely move only the orange shelves labelled O1-O7)
  • supplies (cleaning, safety, office, etc)
  • Fire Safety (MUST verify fire extinguishers fully charged! )
  • Cabinets (big two door metal cabs 1 and 2, plus some wooden items)
  • building materials (12 ft drywall plus 2x4's, to be installed in Recycling P1 Mtce room for sound suppression and to make it a decent work area. Must get St Clare's okay)

Vine Shut Down

  1. Separation
    • recycling (Plan SHIFT pickups Jan 2, 16 and 30th?)
    • move
    • boxing (presort and LABEL everything well)
  2. Drywall cost recovery (Change: We can use at 180 !)
  3. Leasehold improvements - dismantle and take materials (last thing to do)
  4. sales process
    • ID hi-value targets
    • Some may move to 180 store
    • Inventory liquidation
    • Shelving liquidation (sell on Kijiji especially blue shelving)
    • blowout sale (too late to do at 51 vine, must be at 180 now)
    • direct low-end boxes to recycling
  5. Move bread freezer to new location elsewhere - not 180
  6. Materials out from 2nd floor - George
  7. Materials out from 2nd florr - computers, mirrors, etc to 180
  8. give stuff away (barter for labout help)
  9. move sea container - Dan

Moving on at Sudbury

  1. grand opening promo (GALA OPENING date set for Wednesday, January 29th to coincide with SET Conference Bus Tour visit?)
  2. Training opportunities
  3. Free Geek move party (no budget)
  4. key for service elevator (Must be pre-planned well in advance with Nadia (416 927 1899 ext 223) at 180 on a case by case basis)
  5. Andrea Adams Operations Manager is at 416 927 1899 ext 240
  6. server rebuild Lead: Robert Hewlewka, Robert Wendolowski ?
  7. blackout curtains (To be sourced by ???, Somali women? Cost to be determined)
  8. workstation construction and power supply Lead: Dana, Allen Smith
  9. signage Lead to be determined? We MUST advertise at 180 !
    • sandwich board (we have one)
    • big sign mount (for front of building? or windows ?)
  10. Staff operations plan (plan for 11am-6pm open Mon-Fri, plus noon-5pm Sat-Sun)
  11. soundproofing (see above, We will put in drywall in P1 Mtce Recycling room)
  12. bar-coded inventory (for the future, way future - Dana is doing inventory database)
  13. lockable storage for
    • product (use cabinets 1, 2 file cabinets)
    • cash (can lock in Reception desk already at 180, Ken has the only key right now)
    • personal property (Need to get lockers - from schools?)
  14. new equipment (Minimum need is for at least one heavy duty cart est cost $525)