Minutes - Board meeting July 7, 2013

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Free Geek Board Meeting
July 7, 2013
Hotel Ocho, 195 Spadina, Toronto, ON

Present: Noah Goldstein, Tommy Lieu, Dulce Gaspar, Allen Smith, Kynan Cheng

Regrets: Wayne Smith, George Dixon, Gregson Pilgrim

Guests: Ken Wood, Robert Helewka, Larry Sadler, Dan King (only for agenda item 1)

  1. Amendment to Agenda – Discuss RDSP Outreach Program
    Motion – To partner with RDSP and LifeTRUST Planning. To provide a letter to LifeTRUST planning.
    Noah motions. Allen Smith seconds.
    5 for motion. Motion carries.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    Amendments: Edit date to 2013. Last item is meeting adjourned.
    Motion – Approve minutes as amended.
    Kynan motions. Allen seconded.
    5 for motion. Motion carries.
  3. Signing authorities
    Motion – Kynan Cheng to be approved as signing authority on Alterna Account.
    Allen Moves. Dulce Seconds.
    5 for motion. Motion carries.
  4. AGM – Membership
    Motion – Move that a membership committee be struck composed of Larry, Noah and Allen to report to the board membership criteria via email by the next board meeting (July 24).
    Allen moves. Dulce seconds.
    5 for motion. Motion carries.
  5. AGM business
    • Membership criteria to be presented at General Meeting (after approval of membership criteria to be presented by membership committee (see 4 above))
    • Ken, Dulce – running point on AGM preparations
  6. Finance update
    • Recycling Shift – to be discussed.
    • Utilities - $1,800 from Gregoire. Payment forthcoming.
    • HST Rebate – $3,100. But after penalties, $2,300.
    • CARC refund - $1,750. In a week or so.
    • Kynan – to start up finance conversations.
  7. Hatch application
    Ken to provide updated draft tonight. Comments by Tues 2pm.
  8. Ken provided update as per Agenda email
  9. Facility location options
    • Noah has contacted real estate agent. Has started to receive potential locations. Ken will review.
  10. Bylaw Plans
    Bylaw plans by AGM to be revised in light of conformity with the new Not For Profit Act. Larry to head it up Bylaw Committee. Noah and Ken to help. Meeting Thur. Noah to contact Ushnish.
  11. Strategy Planning Discussion
    Should begin high-level strategy – small business theme. Aiming for one meeting a month to update the team and discuss so that we are ready to implement.
    Larry to facilitate the sessions (an iterative process with a long-term vision).
  12. Other Business
    • TTC policy (and other Volunteer support programs) – Ken to review appropriateness and suggest changes. Will share with Board for feedback.
    • Should have a Discipline and Termination policy (Larry). Noah has started on this. Bylaw committee to include for consideration.