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Welcome to the Free Geek Toronto Wiki

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CyberEquality Inc. Information

Proposed Values, Vision and Mission Statement

Mailing: General and Announce Mailing Lists

Board Meetings


Board Meeting May 9, 2017

Board Meeting Apr 6, 2017

Board Meeting Mar 7, 2017

Board Meeting Feb 9, 2017

Board Meeting Jan 10, 2017

Board Meeting Dec 6, 2016

Board Meeting Nov 9, 2016

Board Meeting Oct 5, 2016

Board Meeting August 16, 2016

Board Meeting July 11, 2016

Board Meeting Jun 20, 2016

Board Meeting May 10, 2016

Board Meeting Apr 12, 2016

Board Meeting Mar 9, 2016

Board Meeting Feb 9, 2016

Board Meeting Jan 11, 2016

Board Meeting Dec 9, 2015

Board Meeting Nov 15, 2015

Board Meeting Oct 13, 2015

Board Meeting Sept 15, 2015

Board Meeting Aug 10, 2015

Board Meeting Jul 14, 2015

Board Meeting Jun 9, 2015

Board Meeting May 11, 2015

Board Meeting Apr 15, 2015

Board Meeting Mar 11, 2015

Board Meeting Feb 9, 2015

Board Meeting Jan 6, 2015

Board Meeting Dec 3, 2014

Board Meeting Nov 5, 2014

Board meeting Oct 07, 2014

Board meeting Aug 26, 2014

Board meeting July 21, 2014

Board meeting June 23, 2014

Board meeting May 27, 2014

Board meeting Apr 21, 2014

Board meeting Mar 19, 2014

Board meeting Feb 10, 2014

Board meeting Jan 06, 2014

Board meeting Dec 11, 2013

Board meeting Nov 18, 2013

Board meeting Oct 7, 2013


Minutes - Board meeting July 7, 2013


Board Roles and Responsibilities-Presentation

Privacy Policy

Free Geek Toronto By-Laws

Free Geek Proposed Bylaws

proposal to adopt Formal Consensus


Health and Safety

Code of Conduct

Violence and Harassment Policy

Volunteer Management Plan

Meeting Minutes

Server Inventory

What would Free Geek Toronto do with $10,000?



Ongoing Tasks

Onetime Tasks


What we need


Build Program

Adopt Program



Course Survey

Operations Manual

Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

Health and Safety Program

Keyholder Procedures

Who Are Keyholders

Opening Procedures

Closing Procedures

Recycling and Testing Procedures

Recycling Tips (also known as stripping computers)

Testing loose RAM (removed from computer)

Testing RAM In-Place

Testing CRT Monitors

Triaging CRT Monitors

Utilities for wiping hard drives and similar functions

Components that can be taken apart further

Testing optical drives and/or discs

Electronic tools

Build process

How-To Summary Notes

Production: 14.04LTS Linux -- End-User Drive Configuration using LVM

Production: Install Mint 17 Xfce


Tutorial: Part 1: Turn a GeekBox into a Web Development Box

Tutorial: Part 2: Setting up a Test Website

Tutorial: A Simple bash Script

better Things to do with a computer than throw it out

Transformation FGT

Big changes are afoot at Free Geek! See the pages below for more information.

Communications Strategy

Move Plans

FG Links to Leverage

Grants and Fundraising

Granting Agencies

Successful Grants

Fundraising Strategies

Networking Opportunities




Resources from Other Free Geeks and Similar Organizations

Computer Recycling in Kitchener Forms

Computer Recycling in Kitchener PXE Setup

A personal wiki with some technical notes & information by Allen Smith

Free Geek Portland: [1] and [2]

Free Geek Vancouver: [3] and [4]

Free Geek Seattle: [5]