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This page is intended to provide a list of funding opportunities for FGT members to follow up on.

Housing- and Poverty-Related Charities

  • Greater Toronto Apartment Association Foundation. "The GTAA was established to provide support through its Housing and Community Support Fund for agencies and organizations providing services to the homeless and hard to house." Mostly grants directly to service providers. Grants $500-$20,000.
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  • State Street Foiundation Canada. "State Street proudly develops programs and partnerships that help strengthen communities around the world. In 2010, we dedicated nearly US$133 million to community development programs, including affordable housing and small business investing, a supplier diversity program and the Boston Private Industry Council’s Summer Jobs Campaign. We also helped several community organizations by sponsoring their fundraising events.

"At the foundation of our strategic grantmaking program is an understanding that increasing an individual’s ability to earn and maintain a living contributes to the overall health and well-being of our communities around the world. By investing resources with this in mind, State Street strives to resolve issues of skill shortages, regional competitiveness and income disparity between those with and without education and job skills. We collaborate with peers, educational institutions and charitable organizations to help ensure that populations where we operate are economically thriving and that a pipeline of entry- and intermediate-level talent is available to meet employer needs."

In Canada, grnts aregiven out in Toronto and Montreal. Recipients include many loal organizations. Contact:

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