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1) As a volunteer for Free Geek Toronto, you WILL AUTOMATICALLY be signed up to the Free Geek Toronto Mailing Lists.

  • 1.1) Email is our main form of communication, so every volunteer who signs up with Free Geek Toronto is put on our General and Announce email lists.
  • 1.2) As a volunteer organization, we do not have the capacity to contact you by telephone, regular mail, or even individual email for classes, events, and workgroup meetings. The email list is our main form of communication.
  • 1.3) Emails sent to the list will be distributed from an address “” or "". CyberEquality is our official Non Profit Corporate name.
  • 1.4) Email posted to the general list includes the subject heading [FGT-gen]. Anyone can post to the general list, and it is intended for general discussion. A small group of individuals can post to the announce list, as it is intended for Free Geek announcements to internal and external individuals.
  • 1.5) Email posted to the announce list includes the subject heading [FGT announce]
  • 1.6) If you don’t have an email account, ask one of us, and we will help you set one up on a free service such as Gmail. Web based email, such as Gmail, is accessible form public libraries across Toronto.
  • 1.7) You will also be invited to our Facebook and Linked In social media groups. It is optionally up to you if you want to subscribe to these groups. Not all announcements sent to the mailing lists are published on our Facebook and Linked in pages. If you would like help setting up a Facebook or Linked in account, we can help you with that as well!

2) Some email list settings you should be aware of:

  • 2.1) Replies go only to the sender of an email rather than everyone on the list.
    • This means that if you *want* to send items to the entire list, you will need to take the extra 1 second to do so instead of simply hitting "reply"
    • It also requires any individual receiving a message not intended for them to pass on the message to the appropriate person or by default to our admins at
  • 2.2) The default mode is individual email rather than digest.
    • The "digest" mode helps keep all the email in one day to one combined email - this reduces the number of emails in a day to ONE. BUT you need to be diligent in looking through the digest for subject lines that are of interest to you. People complained about having to look through digests that came with non-intuitive headings like "CyberEquality Digest, Vol 5, Issue 8" so now we have separate emails with separate subject lines. You can always set digest mode for yourself by using the required commands.
  • 2.3) We have added subject headers
    • The subject headings [FGT-gen] [FGT announce] HELP identify and sort email to make it easier.
    • If you don’t know how to sort/filter email by subject heading, ask one of the techies. We are all about people helping people!

3) Can I unsubscribe from the Free Geek Toronto email lists?

Yes you can unsubscribe yourself, the unsubscribe instructions are at the bottom of every email. Since email is our main communication tool, and we do not have the capacity to call by telephone or mail letters to everyone on our list, here is what you will not receive by unsubscribing:

  • 3.1) You will not receive notices of upcoming free Build, Linux and other classes
  • 3.2) You will not receive notices of upcoming events
  • 3.3) You will not receive notices of upcoming meetings
  • 3.4) You will not receive notices of changes in hours and days we are open.
  • 3.5) You will not receive any email queries for interesting projects that are sent out by your fellow volunteers to the email lists.

4) Who do I contact for X, or Y or Z

We have put together a list of emails for you to use, they are also available through the contact us page on our website. - Classes and training at Free Geek Toronto, including Build, Introduction to Linux etc. - Volunteering, applying for jobs, or Human Resources questions - Help for Website, Email List, Wiki, subscribing, unsubscribing posting etc. - Questions to people who hold keys. i.e. What time are you open tomorrow. - Questions related to sales of items in the store or warehouse - Questions related to online Sales e.g. Ebay, Craigslist, Kjiji - All questions about donations of computer equipment to Free Geek Toronto - Questions related to marketing, outreach, events and social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter - Accounting and Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable - Help for Sugar CRM, our Customer Relationship Management application - questions on recycling at Free Geek Toronto - questions for the Board of Directors

Finally, keep in mind that by joining Free Geek Toronto, you are joining a community. A community requires communication and conversation to be a community rather than a simple group of individuals.

Do participate in our mailing lists by posting items that would be of interest to people who have joined Free Geek Toronto. Do not post commercial advertisements, and follow a common sense code of conduct, i.e. do not “shout”, be rude, or make things personal.