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Leveraging Links

High priority is getting processes working efficiently, so we should leverage as much available info as we can from other FGs.
We'll need to build a volunteer base and leverage them as much as we can to be able to get ahead of the curve.

Free Geek (mostly Portland) Links that can make our work MUCH easier:

(in the wiki, there are many useful pages, but it’s good to check history to see if they’re up to date…

The first video here showing Portland's operations should be required viewing. Some of the other videos may be useful too.

Here's a FG Vancouver video

The FG recycling handbook has lots of stuff we can leverage as we try to make a feasible process, both in terms of technical recycling and in terms of use of volunteers.
See links on the right.
Adoption program
Laptop Refurbishment
Hardware Grants process
Volunteer streams and Internships (including training)
FGV Business and Marketing Plan
Build and Server Build
Thrift Store links (including pricing)