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The following courses will be offered based on interest

Feel free to add you name to the course list, indicating interest.

To register for any course: Send an email to Subject Line: (the course you are registering for) Email Body: (Your Name and telephone number) If you dont know how to do this, ask someone at Free Geek Toronto, and we will help.

Computer Basics

1) Using Email (Potential Registrants 2)

2) Using the Web (Potential Registrants 2)

3) Using Word Processors(Potential Registrants 2)

4) Using Spreadsheets (Potential Registrants 2)

5) Introduction to Linux (Potential registrants 1 for new session)

6) Social Networking sites Face-book, Twitter, Linked in. (Potential Registrants 2)

Intermediate courses

7) Linux Applications (COMPLETED 2 sessions)

8) Open Source Graphics and Presentation applications (GIMP) (Potential Registrants 4)

9) Developing Websites (Wordpress or basic HTML) (COMPLETED 2 sessions)

10) Introduction to Drupal (Potential Registrants 4)

11) Laptop repair and configuration (Potential Registrants 6)

12) Basic networking courses, that include switches, wifi, basic routing, and a bit of ipv6 (Potential Registrants 3)

Advanced courses

13) Linux Certification (Potential Registrants 5)

14) MythTV - Building your own Personal Video Recorder on a Linux computer (Potential Registrants 4)

15) Server setup and configuration (Apache) (Potential Registrants 5)

16) Database software (MySQL) (SCHEDULED)

17) Scripting languages (PHP, Python or Perl) (Potential Registrants 5)

18) Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping (Potential Registrants 3)

19) MIni MBA (?)

20) Linux bug and enhancement reporting (?)

21) 21) OpenStreetMap - mapping our neighborhood (?)