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The Administrative area of Free Geek Toronto requires approximately 200 square feet of space.

Tasks and activities include:

1) Maintaining the corporate filing system, currently a 4 drawer vertical file cabinet (FC4) divided up and colour coded as: AP (Accounts Payable); AR (Accounts Receivable); Payroll/HR; and Corporate

2) Providing a basic Reception function to greet all volunteers and visitors and respond to enquiries.

3) Answer telephone calls and clear answering machine messages regularly.

4) Photocopy or scan forms, fax items when required, maintain printers.

5) Provide Bookkeeping services (Eric Armstrong) by posting appropriately in Ledger SMB, creating cheques and managing Cashboxes by daily open and close reconciliation spreadsheets (see next)

6) CASHBOX management: Using three cashboxes = 1. Petty Cash (to buy small necessaries, such as TTC tokens and supplies; 2. SALES - to track and use for direct on-site Thrift Store sales; 3. EMERGENCY FLOAT - to handle emergencies or unusual situations. Note that all cashboxes are to remain LOCKED UP in a secure cabinet when not actually in use.

7) Executive Director's desk

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