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1) Signup by sending an email to

  • Subject: Build class
  • Include in the email message:
    • Your name and telephone number, so we can contact you when the class is scheduled.
    • Clearly indicate if you would like to take a computer home at the end of the build program (most individuals taking the build program are primarily there to learn and don't need to take a computer home)

2) There is a long waiting list so signing up early and providing complete contact information is in your best interest.

  • If you dont have a computer at home, or need help signing up, someone at Free Geek Toronto will be glad to help you.

3) Simply indicating "Build" as an interest on the volunteer form does not automatically enrol you in the build class.

4) Build program participants are required to build 5 working computers and can take a 6th one home.

  • The computer to be taken home on completion of the build program is a standard Geek Box.
  • You can PURCHASE additional memory etc. to enhance the standard geek box.
  • Please do not use up parts in short supply to "SOUP UP" your machine.

5) The build program is based on building 6 computers that takes an AVERAGE of 60 hours.

  • Some people take more time, so spending 60 hours does not qualify for a free computer, building 6 computers does.

6) Experienced builders who have either completed the program at Free Geek Toronto or learned elsewhere can build computers for Free Geek, including building geek boxes and special purpose machines. This is core volunteering above and beyond the build program.

7) Finally as some of you are successfully coming to a one year anniversary, and that entitles you to another computer on completion of a program. Rather than taking up a build program spot in high demand, individuals requiring a second computer are requested to re-enroll in the adopt program.