Board meeting Oct 7, 2013

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Planned time: 7:50 - 9:30

  1. Approval of Agenda (2min)
  2. Adoption of Minutes - Board meeting July 7, 2013 (please post any questions prior to Monday) (5min)
  3. Allocation of Board Terms into Streams A and B (2 or 1 year) (3min)
    • Preferences for Stream A: Dan, Rob, Matt
    • Preferences for Stream B: Noah
  4. Elect Board positions (5min)
    Declared candidates:
    1. President: Noah
    2. Treasurer: Kynan (but will still be busy in the near future, so if anyone else has any interest in the role or in helping with it in the short term, let us know)
    3. Vice President: Dan
    4. Secretary: Rob
    5. Recording Secretary: Unconfirmed (Tommy? Rob? Rotating? Other?)
  5. Finance update, budgeting - Kynan/Larry/Ken (15min)
    • Options for using Alterna $5k
    • Options for remaining budget (projects, remuneration, min amount of surplus we should hold as safety net, etc)
    • Signing authorities
    • FGT credit card?
  6. ED update - Ken (15min)
    • General update on operations
    • Location update?
  7. Update from Social Enterprise World Forum – Matt (10min)
  8. Plan for developing Strategic plan - Dan/Larry (15min)
    • Subcommittee - who's interested? (Previously expressing interest: Dan/Larry, Ken, Matt, RobW, RobH, Eric... anyone else?)
  9. Board communication – plan for going forward - ?/Danish/Dan/? (10min)
  10. Grants/funding (10min)
    • Subcommittee - who's interested?
    • Trillium Grant? (deadlines: Nov 1, Mar 1, Jul 1)
  11. Review of Sonia’s session/recommendations (sent in email, Oct 1, 9:58am) (10min)
  12. Charitable Status vs not for profit and Incorporation (Federal vs Provincial) (5min)
    • Subcommittee to look into this? Who's interested?
  13. Other items

After the agenda items, Dan has proposed he leads a preliminary mini-strategy session. See Discussion page .