Board meeting Nov 18, 2013

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  1. Approval of Agenda (2min)
  2. Adoption of minutes from Oct 7, 2013 Board meeting (Email attachment 1) (5min)
  3. Adoption of minutes from Nov 11, 2013 Board meeting (Email attachment 2) (5min)
  4. Approval of new lease for 180 Sudbury Street (Email attachment 3; this was sent to Trillium, but the signed copy was not yet sent to St. Clare's, pending our approval/changes) (5min)
    • QUESTIONS HERE: ng - need to update "Free Geek" to "Free Geek Toronto (CyberEquality Inc)". Anything else?
  5. Finance update, budgeting - Kynan/Larry/Ken (15min)
    • Review of most recent budget (sent in email) and deployment for remaining budget (mostly moving-related activities?)
    • FGT credit card update (if any)
    • Alterna grant was (supposedly) sent to us on Wedn and the CRA has yet to process our change in authorization as of Friday.
    • Plan for getting an updated budget to the United Way. This should be ready by the time our year-end submission is in, late January.
    • From the budget, can we pay Ushnish back (and repay some to Noah?). How much do we need to put aside for moving?
  6. ED update - Ken (15min)
    • General update on operations
    • Now that we know we're moving, should we post right away for Sudbury help (and if so, what specifically)? Noah has a Charity Village membership, so we can post unlimited volunteer positions. We should also consider (retired network) and
  7. Strategic planning committee - Dan/Larry (15min)
    • Meet in Dec?
    • Focus first on Move and Business plan or go straight to longer term (ng - maybe only feasible if we can get a separate group with time for short term plan, but do we have the capacity to have multiple groups at this stage)?
  8. Moving Plan - Ken/Larry/Dana/Rob/?? (15min)
    • They met on Saturday for a first go at planning. We can look at this and adjust. Should have plan for how to start delegating activities to reduce inventory immediately and how to budget and minimize costs.
    • We all need to be very proactive and organized to make sure the move goes smoothly!
    • ng - This will include a plan for a fire sale. My feeling (hope?) is we should be able to move for well under 5k (once we've gotten rid of most of our stuff), but we need a good early plan (ex garage sale date posted around the community early?)
  9. Board communication – any progress on plan for going forward? - Dan/Rob/Matt/Kynan (10min)
  10. Grants/funding/partnerships/etc (10min)
    • Subcommittee - Dan, Noah, Matt, RobW.
    • Start some activities right away or focus all our time on move, strategy and business plan for the next couple months?
  11. Schedule Board and Strategic Planning meetings for the future.
  12. Other items