Board meeting Mar 19, 2014

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AGENDA - 7:45pm - 180 Sudbury St

Noah will be away, so Dan will Chair (thanks Dan). Rob (or delegate) will bring materials.

Please add your questions.

  1. Approval of Agenda (2min)
  2. Adoption of minutes from Jan and Feb Board meetings (10min)
  3. Finance update, budgeting - Kynan/Larry/Brian (10min)
    • Review of most recent projection
    • Plan for updating budget based on newest plan
    • Plan for Review Engagement - Noah asked contact at TD, but has not heard back.
    • Letter from the new landlord, 51 Vine.
    • Anything else?
  4. Operations Update - Brian/Dana (30min)
    • Priorities and how they'll be accomplished
      • Recycling, Build/Refurbishment program, Community hub and training
    • Determine main Board contact for Brian and Dana for Noah's absense.
    • Hours
    • Resources (old, new and future) and how to deploy
    • Removal of paper files - positives and potential implications? (can we still consider move to charity status if that's desired?)
    • What do you see as how the Board can help out the most at this point?
    • Succession/transition thoughts
  5. Training Committee update (10min) (or could combine with the Operations update)
    • Brian, Matt, RobW, Piero, John S
  6. Grants/funding/partnerships/etc (10min)
    • Brian, Dan, Matt, RobW, Kynan.
    • ADP, CIRA, etc updates
  7. Communications Committee update (5min)
    • Website - updated by Brian. Update on help from LindaR and ErickK.
    • Update on evaluation of sfdc-nonprofit, sugarcrm, civicrm (if still desired)
  8. Strategic planning committee - Dan/Larry (5min)
    • Is this still needed at this point?
  9. Schedule next 2 Board meetings and AGM.
    • Anyone interested in future Chairing? Noah would do a gradual transition and help prepare next Chair.
  10. Discussion
  11. Plan to conform with new not for profit act.
  12. Other items