Board meeting Jan 06, 2014

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AGENDA - 7:45pm - 180 Sudbury - call Noah at 647-920-1204 to be let in

Please add your questions.

  1. Approval of Agenda (2min)
  2. Adoption of minutes from Dec 11, 2013 Board meeting (5min)
    • We'll go over updates on progress made on items from last week as we go through he minutes, so please be ready with updates.
  3. Adoption of Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  4. Finance update, budgeting - Kynan/Larry/Ken/Noah (15min)
    • Review of most recent projection (Email attachment 1) *see Finance Notes at bottom.
    • FGT credit card update (if any)
    • Plan for Review Engagement
    • Plan for budget for United Way for year-end submission in late January.
  5. ED/Move update - Ken/Dana/etc (40min)
    • Recycling blitz progress
    • Sales blitz progress
    • Other moving activities. Please review updated Move Plans before Board meeting.
    • Biggest needs
    • Volunteer update - what sort of commitments/positions - DanaL, Christine Han, Tiana Ji, Valerie Puesta, Dennis Boodram, Douglas Pickett, Simpten's son, Helen Brodbeck, etc?
    • Plan for United Way submission - preferably early to release our 2014 funding.
  6. Grants/funding/partnerships/etc (15min)
    • Committee - Dan, Noah, Matt, RobW.
    • Ontario Catapult micro-loan - submitted
      • Plan for presentation if we make the next stage (will know by Jan 8!)
    • Someone to organize ensuring someone goes to tech meetups, CSI meeting on Thursday, other partnership meetings?
  7. Training Committee update
    • Committee - Ken, Matt, RobW, Piero
  8. Communications Committee update
    • Wiki/Google Drive/ect - Progress and plan - Dan/Rob/Matt/Kynan (10min)
  9. Strategic planning committee - Dan/Larry (10min)
    • Schedule next meeting.
  10. ED monthly reporting to Board
    • Someone to create first draft spreadsheet template.
  11. Schedule future Board meetings (at least a couple meetings ahead) and AGM.
  12. Plan to conform with new not for profit act.
  13. Other items