Board meeting Feb 10, 2014

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AGENDA - 7:45pm - 180 Sudbury - call Noah at 647-920-1204 to be let in

Please add your questions.

  1. Approval of Agenda (2min)
  2. Adoption of minutes from Dec 11, 2013 and Jan 4, 2014 Board meetings (5min)
    • We'll go over updates on progress made on items from last week as we go through he minutes, so please be ready with updates.
  3. Adoption of Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  4. Finance update, budgeting - Kynan/Larry/Ken/Noah (15min)
    • Review of most recent projection (Email attachment 1) developed by Larry/Noah
    • FGT credit card update (if any) - no update
    • Plan for Review Engagement - who is driving this?
    • Update on UW TEF budget and year-end reporting - TEF submission completed by Ken Larry Noah Kynan
    • CRA items - HST return for 2013 Q4 completed by Kynan
    • CRA items on the radar - T4's for employees need to be completed by end-Feb, T2S Corporate Return needs to be completed by end-Jun
  5. Should FGT become a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher? (5min) - Defer to next meeting - awaiting cost data from Ken.
  6. Bill-Dan Geek boxes to Costa Rica opportunity. (5min) Dan's email to Bill and FGT:
    As we discussed last week, Toronto Free Geek has in inventory machines we call "Geek Boxes".
    These are fairly powerful machines loaded with Linux Mint 13 or in some cases Linux 12.
    We have about 25 of them in stock.
    As we discussed, with a little ramp up time we would be happy to deliver to your contacts in the Ministry of Culture and Education (I believe) in Costa Rica a containerload of these machines.
    I proposed that we start with a test shipment of the 25 or so we have in stock, checking to ensure that the Ministry finds these machines and Linux software to their liking.
    As we discussed, we would settle on a price, FOB Toronto.
    Although we had some discussion of the price range, I would like to defer this discussion to our executive director and perhaps our board as well, to make sure that all parties are happy with the arrangements we could make possible.
    I ask the FreeGeek team to put together final specs on an order we would propose to ship, and give you a chance to touch bases with the Ministry and your funders to ensure all arrangements are in place to proceed with a transaction.
  7. Operations 6 month Plan - Ken/Dana to start discussion (40min)
    • Priorities and how they'll be accomplished
    • Hours
    • Resources (old, new and future) and how to deploy
  8. ED - in camera
  9. Grants/funding/partnerships/etc (15min)
    • Committee - Dan, Noah, Matt, RobW.
    • Ontario Catapult micro-loan - presenting Feb. 12
      • Plan for presentation - Tommy, Noah, Matt, ?
  10. Training Committee update (5min)
    • Committee - Ken, Matt, RobW, Piero
  11. Communications Committee update (5min)
    • Website - existing (old) website temporarily updated to new location by Kynan
    • New website being built - will be a new build using content from delayed/deferred Fall beta aiming for March launch
    • ED has expressed desire for CRM - after new website launch, will evaluate top three choices (sfdc-nonprofit, sugarcrm, civicrm) aiming for April launch
  12. Strategic planning committee - Dan/Larry (5min)
    • Schedule next meeting.
  13. ED monthly reporting to Board format
    • Review draft form (attachment 2)
  14. Schedule future Board meetings and AGM.
  15. Plan to conform with new not for profit act.
  16. Other items