Board meeting Dec 11, 2013

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Please add your questions.

  1. Approval of Agenda (2min) Board needs to formally approve Occupational Health and Safety Policy (KW) SET Conference Jan 29-30 2014 Reminder, Ken, Dana booked 2 spots plus vendor table (KW) Sales commission agreement with Michael Pacey(KW,Noah)
  2. Adoption of minutes from Nov 18, 2013 Board meeting (Email attachment 1) (5min)
  3. Status of new lease for 180 Sudbury Street (Email attachment 2) (5min)
    • Give notice by Dec 15 to save a half-month of Jan rent or hold on to Vine until Sudbury lease is signed?
    • Ken’s noticed the wording in the Ongoing Costs section was not what I had initially interpreted it as. It looks like we’d need to pay an additional $247 per month in HST, which would be reimbursed by the CRA, rather than being reimbursed a portion from the 1900. But I’ll confirm with Andrea. This would affect our 2014 budget.
    • We have not signed the least, so there is still the option to stay at Vine and try to build there. It is not anyone's ideal situation, but it is still an option on the table.
  4. Finance update, budgeting - Kynan/Larry/Ken/Noah (15min)
    • Review of most recent budget (Email attachment 3) *see Budget Notes at bottom.
    • FGT credit card update (if any)
    • Plan for Review Engagement
    • Plan for budget for United Way for year-end submission in late January.
  5. ED/Move update - Ken/etc (40min)
    • Recycling blitz
    • Sales blitz
    • Other moving activities. Please review Move Plans before Board meeting.
    • Requirements for Board (and other) help and plan for getting help
  6. Grants/funding/partnerships/etc (15min)
    • Subcommittee - Dan, Noah, Matt, RobW.
    • Is there something we can do while also helping with the move?
  7. Strategic planning committee - Dan/Larry (10min)
    • Schedule next meeting.
    • Plan for StratCom vs deploying resources for moving activities (or both)
  8. Board communication – progress and plan - Dan/Rob/Matt/Kynan (10min)
  9. Schedule future Board meetings (at least a couple meetings ahead).
  10. Other items

Budget Notes

  1. CF1 is our prior best estimate projection
    • This leaves us 6.5k in the hole, so we’ll need to increase revenue and decrease expenses if we’re going to make it to the next TEF payment.
  2. CF2 is an optimistic, but hopefully attainable projection, so let’s look carefully at this one. This is an example of what could get us to the end of January:
    1. If we leave Vine by Jan 15 and pay only a half-month’s rent, we save about 1k.
    2. I can defer the remaining amount owed to me until the next TEF cheque.
    3. If we keep ramped up recycling activities and sales going in January and make 1k a month from each, we gain about 2k
    4. If we manage to complete the move through donations and volunteers, we save 1k.
Those 4 things combine get us to Feb with a single penny to spare. So if we need to spend money on the move and the new place we’ll need to decrease expenses elsewhere or increase income (or get another loan or find another way).