Board meeting Aug 26, 2014

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AGENDA - 7pm - 180 Sudbury St

Please add your questions/updates.

  1. Meet and Greet (30min)
    • Our new ED, Shannon Cummings
    • Potential another person interested in the Board (Rob - please add info if she will be coming)
  2. Call to order at 7:30pm
  3. Approval of Agenda (2min)
  4. Adoption of minutes from Jan - July Board meetings - please all read the minutes sent out by Rob yesterday before the meeting so we can run through this efficiently (15min)
  5. Communication plan for new ED
  6. AGM planning (10min)
    • Notice to members
    • Any new volunteers who should be offered membership applications?
    • AGM agenda
    • Reserve party room at 180 Sudbury for AGM?
    • Six Board positions up for election (Noah, Tommy, Kynan end their stream A term)
    • Potential Board additions - specific people in mind, skills we need and places to post.
  7. Finance update - Kynan/Larry/Brian (10min)
    • Review of projections
    • Final 51 Vine payment - received!
    • Anything else?
  8. Grants/funding/partnerships/etc (Brian, Noah, Dan) (10min)
    • Trillium, Alterna and Pioneer+TO - submitted and pending response
    • Endeavour
    • Any other updates?
  9. Operations Update - Brian/Dana/Matt (20min)
    • Update on progress of building committees and work of volunteers like Dave Waddling and Mark Lan
    • Recycling operations committee update (Dana/Dan/Larry)
    • Marketing committee update (Brian)
    • Education/Community hub, etc update (Brian/Matt/Shannon)
    • Refurbishment progress (Dana)
    • Helping Shannon integrate (include operations advisory committee?)
  10. Strategic planning committee - Dan/Larry (5min)
  11. Update on conforming with new not for profit act - Noah and Larry
  12. Other items
  13. In camera Board priorities (if necessary)