Board Meeting Nov 5, 2014

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Board meeting Nov 5, 2014

AGENDA - 7pm - Tues, November 5th - 180 Sudbury St

Please add your questions/updates.

  1. Call to order at 7:05pm
  2. Approval of Agenda (2min)
  3. Adoption of minutes from Aug Board meeting - please read the draft Oct 5th minutes before the meeting (5min)
  4. Items arising from prior minutes
  5. Operations Update - Shannon(/etc) (20min) Link to update here.
    • Update on plans to make operations efficient, effective (getting the right people in the right spots, individual contributors, leaders, committees, etc)
    • Recycling operations committee update
    • Microsoft Licensing recommendations (read here)
    • Education/Community hub, etc update
  6. Grants/funding/partnerships/etc (10min)
  7. Privacy policy and data security in documents - Review policy (20 min) Rob
  8. Finance update - Mark/Larry (10min)
    • Review of projections
    • Anything else?
  9. Budget Setting and Process - Mark/Larry/Shannon (10 min) Link to Shannon's budget here
  10. Accreditation for board question. Mark - (5 min)
  11. Strategic planning discussion - (5min)
  12. Members/Community Communication - (10min)
    • Regular brief newsletter? Other ideas? (Wiki, google drive, etc?)
  13. Update on conforming with new not for profit act - Rob, Noah and Larry (5min)
  14. In-camera board discussion. (15 min)
  15. Other items?